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This is a very powerful card, and it is a good omen in your Tarot spread. Of the Major Arcana cards, Strength acts for the best when paired with The Magician and Temperance. With this combination, the powerful aspect of Strength increases further and success is at hand. This trio means that you get what you want. While The Tower’s message can be hard to swallow in most spreads, Strength neutralizes its negative properties, making this a promising pair too. Paraphrasing the message here can be: You will have the strength to overcome all chaotic situations. No matter what obstacles The Tower points to, you will defeat any enemy and overcome any difficulty. This pairing also shows that the risks you have considered are adequate. The King of Cups Witches Tarot refers to the balanced energy of masculinity and femininity. He keeps all the positive qualities of both masculinity and femininity. Usually, he implies a man in your life who is very kind and full of love. Know that you are supported by the universe visibly and invisibly when he appears. Overall, the King of Cups represents kindness and compassion. There is an element of real and pure love in your life no matter what your situation is when he shows up. Take care of yourself and allow others to take care of you when you receive this card in a Tarot spread. The shining star of the Hermit Witches Tarot also reminds us to seek divine truths both inside and outside. The star represents the wisdom we all hold within. When it is free to shine, many miracles can happen. If we have strength, we can go to the top of the mountain, to see through, and seek his light for our own sake. The Hermit gains experience through his trials and tribulations, and he reminds us that we too can. Knowledge, inspiration, and enlightenment are likely ours. III. Message of the Hermit Witches Tarot Related elements: Air and water, water is the natural element associated with the Cups suit, while the four King cards are all related to the wise, profound, and deep-felt air element.

In terms of health, your condition and vitality are at their best. This is a very good time to adjust bad habits to protect health. Small goals like walking for 10 minutes a day can greatly improve your performance. You will feel healthier and more energetic than you do now.

In the position of indicating the past, The Emperor Witches Tarot represents a certain event in which an authority figure plays an important role. That situation has a direct effect on the dilemma of the querent. In the present position, the Emperor is interpreted that the querent has reached a stage of holding some important position, or is currently under the influence of an authority figure. If this case is the querent, then it means that they have ascended to a leadership position, or that they have an important position in a romantic/personal relationship. It is good to be a prop for others, as well as a person to be consulted in a relationship, but you need to decide if your role is good for everyone involved. In the future position, this is a sign that the querent will eventually have to lead. This is an indication that soon you will be the main decision-maker. This is the masculinity of the deity and the aspect of God and the divine father. The purple tulips in the foreground represent royalty, and the tamarind bush blooming at his feet represents parental affection. Interestingly, the Emperor Witches Tarot has no weapons and instead uses his wisdom and experience to rule and keep the peace. Message of the Emperor Witches Tarot

Upright keyword: Head of family or group leader, a father figure, the man in the family, a husband and/or loving father, supremacy, reason, masculine energy, protection, a responsible and fair person. In terms of spirituality, it is important for us to understand that we contribute to making things happen in life. It is rare that things “just happen” and we are just “poor victims” of circumstances. Take your fair share of the blame and move on. Sometimes it is true that things just come naturally, if so, remember that you are never alone and seek help from outside. In terms of work, there is a good chance you will quit if you are working because your heart is no longer devoted to the organization. You are driven by your dream, whatever it is. If you have a desire to do something different, but don’t know anyone who understands what you want to do – have the courage to find someone, ask if they can have lunch with you or spend a couple of hours with you to confide. You would be surprised how often a request can be approved. The Magician Witches Tarot is the controller of the four natural elements. By combining his own abilities with the elements of nature, he casts spells with the absolute power of his will. He stands under the arch of red roses, signifying harmony. The four lilies in the foreground symbolize his pure relationship with the divine and his creation. The four fairies in the card represent the four natural elements: the green fairy is Earth, the red one is Fire, the blue one is Water, and the yellow one is Air. The fairies flapping their wings around the altar show us how he intimately connected and had a powerful partnership with the elements and wondrous resources of the natural world. III. Message of the Magician Witches Tarot Upright keywords: A man of the water zodiac sign, a mature man who is proficient in his profession, an affectionate husband and father, a good friend, a wise counselor, a creative personality, intuitive power, wisdom comes from experience.The King of Cups Witches Tarot depicts a wise, mature man who is proficient in his craft. This card represents an individual who is artistic, intuitive, creative, and passionate. Physically, he has dark blonde to light brown hair with a hint of gray and blue or green eyes. He is a good friend, a caring and devoted husband, and a loving father. The King of Cups gives good advice and is sure when asked. This card can represent a quiet man who keeps his emotions to himself but can also be unusually hot-tempered. However, he is deeply emotional and has a tough exterior to mask his soft and affectionate inside. He often sees what people want to hide. This card portrays an excellent mediator who is psychic, strong, and fair. Upright keyword: Strength of personality, personal capacity, discretion, keep calm, self-control, confidence, determination.

The Hermit Witches Tarot talks about a deliberate pause from work, standing alone, and turning inward. When this card appears in a Tarot spread, it is a sign that you need time to rest and reorganize. Now is the time for vision, reflection, intuition, meditation, and self-development. It is time to generate wonders alone for a while, even if you are part of a group. Trust yourself and your foreknowledge, and take some time on your own to see where this leads you. Let your miracles guide the way, no matter what challenges you face. Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Debra DeAngelo, author of The Elements of Horse Spirit, Pagan Curious, and the new Sacred Massage. The Queen of Wands Witches Tarot message is appreciating your home, family, miracles, and career because you can have it all. Just allow your passion for life and your creative and spiritual energies to fill and guide you. The personality of the Queen of Wands combines the positive energy of the Fire element of the Wands and the inward focus of a Queen. She is revered as the most famous person in her class. She is always attractive and has an eye-catching look in a classic style. Her warm smile and gentle demeanor have always won her many friends and fans. Her energy and enthusiasm spread over. In terms of work, there is an improvement in your work/career. The Magician Witches Tarot indicates an excellent time to find a new job or ask and get a promotion in your current job if possible. Especially if your work is in the creative field, this is when your suggestions and works will be greatly appreciated and can lead you to “bigger and much better” things.The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot in reverse means that there will be a change in things, events, or circumstances. In most cases, these are positive and necessary changes, but for some people, change can be difficult or even unpleasant. If you need help dealing with change, ask for help. Do not force yourself to be alone, do not confront the wave, instead, be flexible with it and accept that change is an inevitable law of life. Upright keyword: As above, so below; skill, determination, connection, trust, willpower, four-element spells and elemental spirits, Occult Correspondence, Elemental Magic, and personal capacity.

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