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Proper care in old age


The importance of proper care in old age

Caring for an elderly partner or relative can be a mammoth task in more ways than one. It can cause financial strain, especially if you need to adapt your living space to accommodate the inevitable problems of ageing. It can be time-consuming, if they need constant, 24 hour care, while the emotional strain of caring for someone to whom you are close can also take its toll.

Physically, the ageing process can affect us all in a huge number of ways. Bones can thin and weaken, leading to stooping and conditions such as osteoarthritis. Chronic diseases such as arthritis and heart disease are more prevalent. The senses often become impaired as we age too, with eyesight and hearing beginning to fail, making it vital that elderly people receive proper care. 

Digestive disorders can also increase the amount of care needed, with the body finding it harder to absorb nutrition, and with some elderly people struggling with a decrease in appetite or finding it more difficult to swallow. In addition, lung function can become more restricted and the immune system becomes weaker, making the elderly more susceptible to illness.

While many people throughout the UK care for elderly relatives at home, it can be a financially, emotionally and physically draining process. One of the best ways to provide the right care for elderly people with physical difficulties is in a nursing home, which will be fully equipped – in facilities, experience and attitude - to deal with the consequences of ageing.

Choosing the right care is important - it's not just about making sure that health problems can be dealt with, but also about ensuring that your elderly family member or partner is comfortable in their surroundings, and that you feel comfortable with the situation.

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