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Chat Room


Using the custom Over Fifties Friends Chat Room
The Over Fifties Friends Chat Room is a great place to meet other members of the site for a real time chat. Discuss anything and everything with other over 50s across the UK. Or make your own room to discuss a particular club or activity. There are a number of regular rooms within the chat room to choose from, covering everything from politics to health, and different regions of the country. You can also choose to chat 1-1, or privately with anyone in the chat room, but please ask them in the main room first if this is ok.
This is how the over 50s chat room works:
On the Chat Room home page, click on the image that says "Click here to load chat" and the chat room will open in a separate window. Under the image, you will see a list of users currently in the chat room and what room they are in. If you are logged in to Over Fifties Friends already, you will automatically be logged into the chat. There are also some guidelines and instructions on that page.

Once you click the image, you are then in the fantastic Over Fifties Friends custom chat room!


Using the chat room:  Once you are in the chat room, you will see three main boxes. The large square box is where the chat discussion appears. The long box to the right shows the list of rooms and the list of users in those rooms. The small box at the bottom is where you type your messages to show up in the chat room you are in. Above the large main window, there is a drop down window that allows you to change room.
Next to that is a button for making a new room (Add a room). To create your own room, click on this, then give your room a name and decide if it should be public or private. You can also select a password if you want the room to be password protected. Click on "Create" to make your room available.
To type a message to the chat room (and all the users in it), click and write in the small box at the bottom, then press Return or click on the Send button to the right. The tools above this box allow you to: show other users if you are "Here", "Busy" or "Away" or will "BRB" (Be Right Back); to change themes sound effects and text type (Options); to change your text colour; to save the chat; to go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); to use "smiley faces" (fun!); and use bold and italics. Please always demonstrate respect for other users in the chat room.

We also ask that you refrain from offensive behaviour in the chat room, and for your own security, do not post email addresses, phone numbers or other contact information in the public room.


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Welcome to Overfiftiesfriends!

The friendly social network for over fifties. Search for other over 50s, chat with other users, browse the activities organised by members, and much more. Use the menus at the top and to the left to get around.




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