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The Friends menu



How to use the "Friends" section of OverFiftiesFriends (left menu):


The "Friends" section of the site is all about the social network of other over 50s that you create here on OverFiftiesFriends. It allows you quick access to people you have befriended on the site so you can get in touch with them to chat, arrange activities and clubs and so on. See the individual sections below, as laid out in the left menu of the site, for more information on how to use them.  

Online Now - Clicking this link shows you which of your friends on the site are currently online. If you see that a friend is online, click to view their profile and from there you can invite them to instant chat. See "Instant Chat" in the user guide´for further instructions on that function.
Recently Added - Clicking here allows you to see the summaries of the latest friends you added to your list on OverFiftiesFriends within the last week.  
Recently Updated - This link shows you any of your friends who have made recent changes to any aspect of their profile on the site.
Pending - The Friendship Pending link shows you those members of the site whose friendship you have requested, but they are as yet to accept (or decline). When that member next logs in to Over Fifties Friends, an alert will appear on their screen informing them that they have a Friend Request waiting. They can choose to accept or decline. If they accept, you will be added to one another's friend lists.
Requests - The Friendship Request page shows you all members that have requested your friendship on OverFiftiesFriends. You can choose to either accept or decline. If you are unsure, you can send the members a message first to see if they are someone you would like to be friends with. Once you establish a good Friends list, why not start creating activities and clubs and inviting the friends on your list?

Find Friends - The Find Friends link under "Friends" in the left menu takes you to our advanced Member Search page. The same happens if you click the orange "Search for Members" link at the top left corner of the site.
Once you get to the Member Search page, make sure you scroll down a little, so you can see all of the search fields and the Search button. The search works in the following manner:
  • If you just click the Search button without filling in any of the fields, all members of the site will come up on the results pages.
  • The Username search field allows you to find a member if you are already aware of their username.
  • Put your post code in the Post code field and you can then select a distance from your house (from 10 to 100 or any) in the drop down menu underneath. This allows you to find members near you.
  • The rest of the fields in the Member Search are self-explanatory.
  • Once you have clicked on the Search button, you can choose to "Sort By" Location, Name, Date Registered and Last Online. Just use the links at the top of the Search Results page.
N.B. You can choose to use NONE of the fields, or just one, or even a combination of many fields. The more you use, the narrower your search results will be of course.

Invite Friends - This link takes you to our special tool for inviting your friends from the email programmes you use (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook) to join the OverFiftiesFriends social network. Once you get to theInvite Friends page, select the email programme you use from the "Option" drop down menu, then log in as you would to collect you email. The data is secure. Use the link provided on that page for inviting Outlook contacts to OverFiftiesFriends (more complicated, but with instructions on the page).


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Welcome to Overfiftiesfriends!

The friendly social network for over fifties. Search for other over 50s, chat with other users, browse the activities organised by members, and much more. Use the menus at the top and to the left to get around.




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