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The ME menu


How to use the "Me" section of OverFiftiesFriends (left menu):
The "Me" section of the site is all about you! It is the first stage in creating your presence here on OverFiftiesFriends, with your profile. It is also your personal organiser - containing your inbox and sent messages and your control centre for managing the friendship, dating and skills aspect of your profile here on the network. See the individual sections below, as laid out in the left menu of the site, for more information on how to use them.

My Profile - Here you can view your OverFiftiesFriends (OFF) profile as other members see it. It also includes your list of friends that you have added. See "Update Profile" below for information about how to make changes to this.
Update Profile - When you click on "Update Profile", you will see a row of tabs come up across the top of the page (Edit username, Settings, Pictures, New Password, Dating [if activated], Skills [if activated] and Profile). Click on a tab to make changes to the respective parts of the profile. Some of these are self-explanatory.
In the "Settings" tab, you can activate or deactivate the various parts of your profile (Guestbook, Dating and Skills), choose whether your profile is visible to all members, only friends you have added or to no one, and finally turn on or off the email alerts you get informing you of messages on the site and friendship requests. Changes are saved once you click the Update Profile button at the bottom
In the "pictures" tab, use the "Browse" buttons to find pictures you have on your computer and upload them to your profile. Pictures are uploaded once you click the Update Profile button at the bottom. Use the red cross to delete pictures.
Once you have activated your Dating and Skills parts of your profile (see "Settings" tab above), you can use those tabs to update the information you show other members there. The Dating section of your profile allows you to disclose more traits about your appearance and personality than your regular profile. This part of your profile is only visible to other members who have Dating active here on OverFiftiesFriends.
The Skills part allows you to show off a professional or personal talent that you may possess. The Skills search (see user guide) then allows other members to find you and your skill (maybe you are a computer expert and someone in your region needs one...) and allows you to search for other skills you might need.
Make sure you take time to edit and fill in your profile. Think about the words you use to describe yourself. As the aim of Over Fifties Friends is for people to get out and meet up, it is in your interests to create a genuine profile.
Inbox - The "Inbox" link takes you to the messages you receive from other members of OverFiftiesFriends. Here you can read the messages and click on the member who has messaged you to see who it is. You can also see whether a message has been read or not. There are also tick boxes down the side of the messages in your Inbox. Check the boxes by clicking them, and you can then delete them or report them as abusive, using the buttons at the bottom of that page.

Sent Messages - If you click on "Sent Messages", you can see a list of the messages you have sent to other members and whether or not the recipients have read them. Again, you can tick the boxes down the side and delete messages if you wish.
Compose Message - This link is to compose a message to friends or members you may have contacted before. To find new friends, click on Search for Members in the top left of the site or look under "Find Friends" in the "Me" menu in the User Guide. Just click on the downward arrow next to "Select a recipient", and a list of members you have been in contact with will come up. This is a quick way of messaging these people.

Welcome to Overfiftiesfriends!

The friendly social network for over fifties. Search for other over 50s, chat with other users, browse the activities organised by members, and much more. Use the menus at the top and to the left to get around.




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