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Making a Will


Do I really need to make a Will?
Many of us put off making a Will, in fact 2 out of 3 adults haven’t made their Will potentially causing unforeseen problems and financial worries for your family after you’ve gone.  By making a Will, you decide what happens to your property and possessions (your estate) after your death – it is the best way to ensure your estate passes to your family and friends exactly as you wish.  Another good reason is that it helps to avoid unnecessary family disputes that can often arise when someone dies without making their wishes known.
“Once I’ve made my Will that’s it, isn’t it?”
It is sensible to review your Will regularly ensuring that it is kept up to date with your current circumstances.  Marriage/Civil Partnership after your Will has been made will generally revoke (cancel) it, unless the Will specifically states otherwise.
“Who can I appoint as Executor?”
Although there is no requirement to appoint a professional executor, recent figures show that nearly half of people appoint the Solicitor or Will writer who prepared their will, and many of those won’t be aware of the professional charges this will incur. The Office of Fair Trading strongly recommends that instead of appointing a professional, you appoint a family member or friend, leaving it to them to seek professional help when required.
“How do I prepare my Will?”
Although it is possible to write a Will yourself, it’s advisable to use a professional such as a Will writer or Solicitor, ensuring that it properly reflects what you want and also, most importantly, that it is valid, which will ensure that legal formalities are met. You may think that you can ‘D.I.Y’ but be aware that mistakes in home-made Wills are all too common and can be costly to your family, especially if the Will turns out to be invalid – preventing your wishes from being carried out.
“I can keep my Will in our safe, can’t I?”
It is essential your signed Will is stored in a specialised storage facility providing protection from fire, flood and any other damage and not kept at home, a copy for your own records will suffice.  Whatever you do, don’t hide your Will - your Will is no good to anyone if it cannot be found after your death.
“I have items I want to keep in the family
If you want to preserve family heirlooms or items of sentimental value, you should include them in your will as a specific legacy to a named beneficiary.  If you don’t, then these items may be sold, and the cash divided between the beneficiaries.
Trust Inheritance – The Solution……..
The Trust Inheritance legal team, led by our Company Lawyer, has years of experience in drafting Wills, helping families with Estate Administration and other legal services.  Our team of trained and licensed advisers provide a unique home visit service across England and Wales.
Unlike many legal teams, we are independent from Banks and Solicitors, offering a choice of affordable, fixed fee plans so you’ll know exactly how much the service will cost.  What’s more, although we offer Executor assistance you don’t have to name us as Executor in your Will, meaning you leave all the important decisions to the people that you know best.


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