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Instant Chat


How to "Instant chat" with other users of Over FIfties Friends
The instant chat function on Over Fifties Friends allows you to chat 1-1 with members of the community who are online at the same time as you. It is not to be confused with the chat room (instructions for chat room can also be found in the User Guide). If a member is online, you will see this indicated in their profile. You can also search to see who is online, using the Member Search page (instructions also inUser Guide).
If a member is online, a link in their profile will show up called "Chat with this user", under the profile picture. Click that link to invite that person to an instant chat. A separate window will open, telling you that your chat request has been sent. Due to the software we use for this, you will also see an advert in that window. You can just choose to ignore that if you wish. The person you have invited will get an invitation that shows at the bottom of the window where they are using Over Fifties Friends. They (or you, if you are invited to instant chat) can then choose to accept or decline the invitation. If they decline, you will be informed. If they accept, you will be told they have "entered the chat" and you will be asked to do the same. You can end the chat at any time, by clicking "End chat" or by closing the chat window.
Once you are in the instant chat, you type what you want to say to the other person in the small box at the bottom of the chat window. Then either press return, or click on "Send" to send your message. The instant chat also allows you to use webcam if you have one. Just click the webcam icon.
Please respect other users when chatting to them using instant chat. And please be careful when giving out personal contact information. Over Fifties Friends cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the instant chat.
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