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Dental Treatment Abroad




Why are more and more people traveling abroad for dental treatment?


Those who are at all familiar with the phenomenon of medical tourism will know that year by year a rapidly growing number of people travel to developing countries for various treatments. Medical tourists come mainly from developed states and are willing to travel thousands of miles to find a solution to their health-related problems. Dental tourism or dental traveling is becoming a more and more significant section of this tendency. At first glance it may sound a little surprising to receive dental treatment abroad but if you examine the different factors that led thousands of people worldwide to choose this alternative you will reach the conclusion that it does make sense.


The chief motivating force is probably that of money. Britons, for example, are increasingly looking for overseas dentists or clinics since our country charges the highest prices in Europe for oral healthcare. Dental treatment abroad is a golden opportunity for those who cannot afford paying a fortune for private care or do not find a proper NHS dentist. Besides huge price differences which sometimes mean an 80 % cheaper service, these ” dental Meccas” offer quality dental standards together with highly trained medical staff. This attracts a great deal of disappointed patients feeling neglected by NHS dentists who are known to be undermotivated. Due to their pay structure more experienced dentists tend to choose private practice instead of National Health Service and what remains is young inexperienced NHS dentists who lack the confidence to carry out complex procedures such as canal work. This results in unacceptably long waiting lists, much more expensive treatments and the rise of tooth extraction. In 2007 and 2008 almost 200 000 people had to have a tooth or several teeth extracted, which means a 30% rise in the past five years. Since dentists receive their payment according to the number of procedures they carry out they are not inspired to work precisely and devotedly. Their attitude contributes to the fact that so many people are putting off urgent dental work until their pain gradually becomes unbearable. By this time it is relatively hard to find an NHS dentist. Furthermore, there are thousands of people without dental care insurance (120 million citizens only in the US), and even if they have, it only covers basic services such as fillings or routine cleanings. Aesthetical procedures are not included.


As you can see, there is every reason to start considering dental treatment abroad as an option. European countries such as Hungary or Poland have such charming offerings that, as Treatment Abroad reports, almost 50 000 so-called dental tourists visited Europe in 2007 in the hope of getting a cheaper and high quality dental treatment. Acknowledging their gradually growing number we can firmly state that they all find what they are looking for.

Preparations before departure

If you choose to be one of the contented patients who make a good decision by undergoing dental treatment abroad, there are certain things to take into consideration before you leave. First, try to obtain as much information as possible about the clinic, the doctors and the process of the treatment you are planning to have. Find out everythig you can about qualifications, experience or available references of your future dentist and if it is possible, even try to get in contact with him or her. This way you can also make sure he or she speaks your language, for it can be very important to be always properly informed. Asking former patients about their impression is a good idea, too. Learn more about insurance and the areas it covers. What exactly will you get for your money? Does the price include check-ups, remedy for future problems or travel cost and accommodation? Make sure your treatment takes about the same time and needs the same number of visits as it does in your area. By taking these pieces of advice, you will be satisfied instead of being surprised.

Benefits of dental treatment abroad

An extremely charming advantage is that you are able to save a vast amount of money. Even with the flight and accommodation, your costs are lower than they would be if you had dental treatment locally. This is not a simple visit to the dentist but a lifetime experience, perhaps even a family trip, and you can be sure you get the perfect souvenir for yourself: a healthy, confident smile. For your money you receive top quality treatment equal or even superior to that of the United Kingdom or the US. Every detail is set up to meet your needs, according to your schedule.

What are the main destinations for dental treatments?

The popular destinations of dental tourists in Europe are Hungary and Poland. A significant number of people from Austria, the United Kingdom and even from the United States choose these two countries to have medical treatment in. Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama are the common destinations of Canadians.
Dental tourism is also widespread in Turkey, India and Singapore. After the Brits who are now familiar with the trend, Americans are starting to seek medical care overseas.

Hungary as one of top destinations for dental treatments

When it comes to dental tourism, Hungary is among the most popular destinations in Europe. Some even see the country as ”the dental capital of the world”. Dental treatment in Hungary is undoubtedly of top quality thanks to extensively trained staff, leading technology and extremely strict dental regulations. Dentists concentrate on the western border of the country; the main centers are Budapest, Sopron, Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár. There, the lowest prices meet the highest quality. In comparison with the UK or Austria, Hungary offers much more devoted care so unusually cheaply that this small country attracts tourists from all over the world to get their teeth fixed there. Together with its beautiful architecture and amazingly rich countryside it is more than worth visiting Hungary and joining the thousands of satisfied patients who had dental treatment there.




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