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The CLUBS menu


How to use the "Clubs" section of OverFiftiesFriends (left menu):

The Clubs section of OverFiftiesFriends is another focal point of our social community. It's where you, the members, create and join clubs. OFF is essentially not an events site, but a member-run portal and forum. So it's up to you to be active and make things happen. See the individual sections below, as laid out in the left menu of the site, for more information on how to use them. 
Create Club - This is a link you should definitely familiarise yourself with! This takes you to a simple form to fill in to make a club appear on the site. The club is essentially a source of information for people sharing your interest in its topic. Make sure you update the info regularly, and use alerts (see instructions below) to keep the members of your club up-to-date on what's happening. Then you may want to create activities or forum postings related to your club.
When you create an club, just fill in as much or as little information as you wish, though the more specific the better. The Club Type field allows you to select which category your activity best fits under. This also makes it easier for people to find your club.
Furthermore, there is a Privacy selection field when creating a club. You can decide if your club is Public (anyone can join), Approval- based (you need to approve members who request to join your club) or Invitation Only (you send out individual invitations to members you would like to join). A very useful tool in a community of so many members!
You can add a picture to make your club more appealing; just click on the "Browse" button to find the image you want on your computer (you will need to have an image on your computer already). When you have filled in all the information you wish and found a picture, just click on "Create" at the bottom of that page.
Once your club has been created, it joins the list that is available by clicking the main Club link. There, you can also sort the clubs according to Location, Name, and Newest.
Finding Clubs: In the top right corner of that page, there is a club search function. In the top (Club Search) field, you can put a key word to help find clubs that could be of interest to you. The category filter below that allows you to choose a category to browse under.  

Approvals - Clicking on the Approvals link shows you a list of members who have requested to join your club and are awaiting your approval. This way, you can first visit the members' profiles, and if necessary message them first or chat. You can then decide whether to accept or decline their request from your approvals list.

Invitations - Here you can see Clubs that other members have invited you to. After maybe clicking to read more about the club or the member, you can decide whether to accept or decline their invitations.
Clubs I own - This section allows you to keep track of your clubs here on Over Fifties Friends. Any club you own, having created it using the Create Club link, is listed here. When you click on one of your clubs, it gives you all sorts of options for managing it. It also shows you who has joined (if your club was created as "Public", the members will not have required your approval). There are 4 very useful links under Options. Here is how to use them:
Remove Club: Does just that!
Manage Alerts: This is a great function and essential if you want to generate interest in your club from other over 50s. Clicking here allows you to send email alerts to all the members who have joined your club. Click "Create Alert" to make a new one. Give it a title, such as "Chat room meet reminder". Choose whether it will be sent automatically (at a time you select) or manually there and then. Put a date and time if you have selected Automatic. Then fill in the content of your alert. These alerts will go directly to the users' email. Alerts are stored, and any time you click on Manage alerts (from within your club) you can view, remove or edit them. You can create as many as you need.
Manage Members: This page shows you a list of members of your club and a list of members awaiting approval (if you selected that as your club type). It gives you the option to remove members from your club (if they have been abusive for example) and also to make them "Admin". Making them administrators of the club will allow them to also manage members and edit the club, just like you can as creator.
Edit Club: This takes you back to the page you used for creating the club initially. You can now make any changes. If there is new information about your club, be sure to use this edit tool to change how it appears on the site. It would then be wise to use the Alert system, explained above, to let the members of the club know.

Clubs I've joined - This link allows you to view all the clubs on Over Fifties Friends of which you are a member. Here, you can click on them to view the info and which other over 50s have joined. To find more clubs of interest, click on the main Clubs link in the left menu and browse or use the search in the top right of that page.

Welcome to Overfiftiesfriends!

The friendly social network for over fifties. Search for other over 50s, chat with other users, browse the activities organised by members, and much more. Use the menus at the top and to the left to get around.




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