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Working with Technology

Posted on February 18th 2013 - 10:14


Guest news post by Simon North, Founder of Careers Specialists Position Ignition and the Career Ignition Club

Do you ever feel uncomfortable with technology? Some of us feel great when we learn something new but we often have to work a bit harder to find our way with technology - both in our everyday life and in our work. 

Some time back a woman was discussing with me her four children at a supper party. She was quite concerned about her technological knowledge and was quite anxious about how her kids were so much further ahead than her; to the point where she was minimizing herself—“I don’t know anything about computers”, “I’ll never figure technology out”. We then had a short conversation about how she had recently got cash from her bank out of a hole in the wall and this helped her to see how she is really using technology all time, without even realizing it.

Having a hold of technology is very much about what you need to know. There’s no need to be a tech wizard if you only need technology for certain things. Besides, the speed of change, when it comes to technological advancements, means its nigh-on impossible to keep up with all the different daily developments; even if you are a techie.

Ultimately it comes down to pace - and being honest with ourselves about which pace is best for us. We often go fast when we want to go slow. When we’re going slowly we think we should go faster. When we go faster, we think we want to go faster still. Learning at the right pace is important and this means tuning into what we need rather than what we want—or think we want. 

Here are a couple of examples that can cause us bewilderment and frustration. In some spheres – playing squash is a good example – a player that is slightly better than their opponent will often run away with a huge victory. The score line seems unfair but it is a reflection of experience and understanding the pace and direction of the game. 

Similarly, if you try and learn about technology in the wrong way, you will end up feeling frustrated and bewildered. It is easy to be completely deflated by technology, even though it’s meant to make our lives easier. Sit next to a “teacher” who is holding the mouse and you are in serious non-learning territory. Things happen with such speed you don’t follow at the most basic level. So we must take our time and learn in a way and on a schedule that we’re comfortable with.

Once you’re learning at a pace that suits both your technological capabilities and needs, things can start clicking into place and all of a sudden you’re thinking how on earth did that happen—how did you come to know so much about computers and other such things?

We are all familiar with using different tools in our work and home lives, so perhaps it’s helpful to think of computers, tablets and smartphones as sophisticated tools—which is ultimately what they are. Primitive tools have evolved from the tools of early civilisation. These basic tools are now electrical or perhaps electronic tools. Just as the human race has been learning to use new tools throughout history, you have been learning to use new tools throughout your life and will continue to do so if you can control the pace of your own advancement.

About the author

Simon North is Founder of Position Ignition, a leading Career Consulting Company in the UK and co-author of their eBook 135 Networking Tips. Get more career advice from their Career Advice Blog or follow them on Twitter: @PosIgnition 


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