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News > Having sex well into your 60s and beyond


Having sex well into your 60s and beyond

Posted on October 23rd 2012 - 16:52


These days people are living longer and healthier lives. We're finding happiness and beauty in later years. A popular news broadcast even reported the other day that 40 is the new 30 for women.  But despite our bright futures, the media continues to have an ageist agenda, especially when it comes to sex. Most forms of media shy away from the idea that old people still have sex and many paint a picture of a sex-less life after 60.  



But never fear, GlobalAging.org reported that 87% of 60+ married couples are still having sex. And while that percentage drops to about 30% after 80, it's still higher than the media would like us to think.  But we're telling you something you already know.  So let's beat the ageism and keep on shacking up until we're too old to know what it is.  


However, with aging comes many changes, whether it be in our mindset, our bodies or our partner(s).  Sex may take a form that it had not usually presented itself in in the past. It's important to be aware of the possibilities and keep an open mind. 


The first changes you may see come physically. Women over 50 will find that the lining of their vaginal walls becomes thinner and they aren't as able to self-lubricate as they once could. These factors can make sex uncomfortable or painful.  To mitigate these issues, you should always keep a bottle of lube around to help keep things going.  

Men will find that getting an erection may take longer and it won't stay as firm as it once did.  Sex drive aids and medicines like Viagra are a good place to start if you can't quite get the wind in your sails.  


You can also try to really focus on foreplay. Extend your love making sessions by beginning with a romantic dinner or a night of dancing and then come home and focus on touch and kissing before you move to the main event. This will help your bodies catch up to your mind. And if you're having a hard time keeping it going for your lady, try using the woman on top position. This won't require you to stay as hard as you used to.  


Sex can change as our bodies change. There may come a time when traditional penetrative sex will no longer works or certain positions will hurt different joints. But that doesn't mean you can't be intimate with your hands, mouth and mind. Use your imagination and try new things. Just because it isn't what it used to be, doesn't mean it isn't sex and isn't as fulfilling. You might find that you even become closer with your partner because you'll have to talk through more of your issues and really work to find what works for both of you.  


Which brings us to the part about keeping an open communication with your partner. Both of you are changing in different ways. Things you both found pleasurable at one time may not be pleasurable for one of you. You're both changing differently, so continue to talk to your partner about what you're experiencing, what you're worried about and what you do and don't like.  


If you're experiencing a dying libido there are a few easy things you can do to rev it back up. Start by eating healthily. Fattening foods make us feel tired and lethargic. Next get out and be active, as much as you can. Staying in shape will keep your stamina up and increase your interest. And finally, just do it. Sometimes you don't miss what you don't have. So suck it up and just go for it, you may remember just how great it is. 


Now sex doesn't just pertain to older people who are in relationships. If you have lost your partner, you can still enjoy an active sex life, with or without someone. If you're by yourself, go pick up a sex toy from Adam & Eve or use the old fashioned help of your hand. If you're single and looking, just remember to use protection. While pregnancy is no longer a factor, STDS still certainly are. In fact, CBS reported earlier this year that the rate of STDS has doubled in the 50-90 year old age group in the past decade. So have fun, but have it safely. 



Get in the mood by just doing it; override a dying libido.


Stay active 


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