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E-petition on Age Discrimination

Posted on August 29th 2011 - 07:57


Over Fifties Friends supports the e-petition against Age Discrimination of the Over 50s in Employment & Social engineering in the UK by the Government and Industry

You can add your name to the e-petition by going to http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/12721
A FORMER IT professional from Harlow who remains out of work despite having applied for more than 5,000 jobs has launched an online petition to highlight age discrimination against the over-50s in employment.
Kevin Forbes believes that age discrimination has very serious and unfair implications for millions of people. His e-petition on the government website states that Mr Forbes is promoting Fairness for all ages.
Mr Forbes lost his job in the City six years ago. Since then, his case has been highlighted in the local and national media, in newspapers, on radio and television, and also in the House of Commons by Harlow MP Robert Halfon, who highlighted Mr Forbes' and the loss of millions of experienced workers in an Early Day Motion, which welcomed the government's efforts to prevent discrimination against older people.
In January 2011, as part of the DRA, Iain Duncan Smith referred to Mr Forbes and called on industry to seek opportunities to nurture these skills. Mr Forbes has been unable to access retraining or support because he has not been on benefits. Mr Halfon used Mr Forbes' case to call on the public and private sectors to support the government's commitment to improve back-to-work schemes for older people. However, having now applied for some 5172 jobs, Mr Forbes is still no nearer to finding new employment. As a result of his thousands of applications, he has still only secured just two interviews.
Apart from trying to bring some balance into the realm of employment for all, he has also been working with government agencies AGE UK, TAEN and other organisations like SAGA to promote the issue, unfairness and need for reforms to benefit all age groups. Last month he submitted a petition to the European parliament on behalf of the many effected UK workers and citizens.Mr Forbes said: My aim is to help government initiate a debate, fairly, with the people of the UK on the subject and longevity of employment; this will at least help both the young and older members of the UK to understand and know what is expected and can be expected of them. 
Current events prove this has failed to happen, with politicians and industry making strategic decisions for the UK and its work workforce, with little consideration on social balance and the UK's ability to adequately support welfare needs.
You may have been effected by this issue, or know someone who has, or have family who has. We know the situation will not get easier in the future. It does not matter how old you are, or if you are employed or not, you owe it to yourselves to support this petition to give both you and your families the best chance of security and financial stability for the future. I am promoting FAIRNESS For All AGES.
You can add your name to the e-petition by going to http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/12721



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