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Posted on October 25th 2010 - 12:14


Our main aim when starting Over Fifties Friends over 4 years ago was to put people in this demographic in touch with each other, via the Internet, for friendship. So, I know that writing about getting online to Over Fifties Friends members is like preaching to the converted, but did you know that over 9 million adults still don't have access to, or make use of the internet in the UK?


Last week was Get Online Week, spearheaded by Lastmintue.com's Martha Lane-Fox in an attempt to try and help this sector take the plunge. It has been reported that access to the Internet saves money and enriches peoples' lives, and Lane-Fox’s Race Online 2012 has helped well over a million people get connected. 'Being able to use the internet is now as basic as being able to read,' is how Martha Lane-Fox views the importance of the Internet in today's society. Click here to read the remainder of the article and look at www.raceonline2012.org to see how you can do your bit to help. You might also like to recommend Over Fifties Friends to someone who you would like to see as a member. If so, please copy and send them this link: http://overfiftiesfriends.co.uk/sign-up.php


Radio 2 has also been running a campaign called First Click, which is designed to help all those who wish to do so, to get connected. Click here to see what you can do to help.


To discuss these issues with other users of Over FiftiesFriends, click here to go to our forum duscussion.


Anyone reading this on Over Fifties Friends is fortunate to have access to, and knowledge of, the Internet. But if you are a recent starter, follow the links mentioned above and enhance your knowledge. Very importantly, show this to a friend who is not as capable as you, or to someone for whom the computer and the Internet are a mystery! Do your bit to help other over 50s, 60s or 70s get connected.


/Over Fifties Friends Team


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