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News > Over 50s prefer iPods to record players


Over 50s prefer iPods to record players

Posted on September 17th 2014 - 12:15


Vinyl farewell? Over 50s aren’t stuck in the past - they prefer iPods to record players


Britain’s over 50s avoid the needle when it comes to enjoying music – as a poll reveals many more prefer digital formats to vinyl record players.

A Saga Home Insurance poll of almost 10,000 over 50s shows that just one in 10 of them opts for the scratchy, nostalgic sound of stylus on record when listening to their favourite tunes.

More than half (55%) of those asked regularly use an iPod, smartphone, tablet computer or other digital device for music, showing that the Saga generations are making the most of advancing technology to listen to music around the home and while on the move.  

The poll also shows that radio is the most popular music format for over 50s. Three quarters (75%) regularly listen to music by tuning in on the dial. This is followed by the CD player (62%), digital devices (55%) and television (35%). Just 10% of respondents say they regularly use a vinyl record player to hear music.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services, commented: “Vinyl is often thought to be the preferred medium for music fans who love the nostalgic feel and scratchy sound.

“But Britain’s over 50s are clearly not stuck in the past, as so many are keen on keeping in the know about the latest technology.  The gadgets they use to listen on include smartphones, tablets, laptops and MP3 players, such wealth of gadgets in the home can add up to significant sums that need protecting.”

In addition the over 50s are keen music collectors, as Saga research has shown. Nearly a quarter of people in this age group (almost 5.3million people) say they have a physical rather than virtual music collection, which could be worth several hundreds of pounds after a lifetime of collecting.  

Saga offers up to £50,000 contents cover, plenty to cover digital gadgets and highly prized CD and record collections that the over 50s may have built up over a lifetime.  Saga’s personal belongings away from home cover will also replace valuable, mp3 players and smart phones should they be lost or damaged while listening to music on the move.



Source: http://www.easier.com/125650-vinyl-farewell-over-50s-arent-stuck-the-past-prefer-ipods-record-players.html


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